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Inspired Arts strives to provide a quality arts experience with a focus on the performing arts free of cost to its participants. Through our programs, we hope that teens will be inspired, find a new passion, build a community, and have fun. Our primary event is a quick-paced, fun summer camp open to teens in the North Alabama region.


The arts don't always pay well.  They aren't science or math or computer programming. What the arts are is an intricate study of the things that make up life. They teach us skills like critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Furthermore, they link together all of the things we learn in school - physics behind turns in ballet, the history and literature behind theatre, angles and lines in painting. Art allows students to connect with these subjects in a way that's fun and engaging. Through art they develop a community, a way to express themselves, and maybe - for some- a reason to show up to school in the first place. Art is the study of all studies. Art inspires us. Art changes lives. And that's something we're proud to be a part of.



No production would be possible without some incredible producers.  For us, that means that, thanks to these producers, another group of students get to experience the arts, maybe for the very first time.  Our leading producers include those listed above.  To see more of the amazing groups that make Inspired Arts possible please click here!



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New Experiences

"I was challenged to learn more than one style of dance.  To be more open to new things. To accept that I don't always have to stick to the same things"  -Idrianna

Comfort Zone

"I learned how to dance and act.  This camp inspired me to dance more.  I was challenged by the dance moves.  I was taught to stand out and get out of my comfort zone."  -Brea


Speaking Out

"I learned how to act and improv.  This camp inspired me to speak out."  -Kaylin

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