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Hey everyone! My name is Anna Spengler and I'm so excited to be helping with Inspired Arts this summer! I'm heading into my senior year of high school and my fourth and final year of theatre at Bob Jones. My high school theatre career really kicked off when I got accepted into the Bob Jones competition theatre class as a freshman (going into sophomore year). Since then I have been in 4 Bob Jones productions, my favorites being The Axeman's Requiem where I won All-Star Cast at District and Best Small Ensemble at the South Eastern Theatre Conference along with the other loas, as well as To Kill A Mockingbird where I portrayed the role of Mayella Ewell. I'm hoping my theatre life will not come to an end when I graduate high school. I haven't decided what I would like to major in yet, but I am thinking of fitting theatre in there somewhere. Other than theatre, I'm thinking of going into education or one of the other few medical professions I've been researching. I've always had a full plate, so I'm trying my best to fit all of my passions into my studies at college.


Theatre Teacher

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