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Summer 2018



n. force of character, determination, courage



Moxie was originally the name of an incredibly bitter soft drink that was rumored to build up your nerve. The truth is the drink didn't build up your nerve, but you had to be pretty brave to drink it!


We here at Inspired Arts love an extended metaphor and think Moxie is just that. Sometimes, going after your dreams can be a little bitter. There are obstacles and hard times and it won't be handed to you. But our campers have Moxie. Their dreams are in reach and they'll show courage and determination and force of character to go after them. 


They've got Moxie.


This year we had the pleasure of doing not one, but two camps! Below are the pictures from Tuscaloosa's camp. Wish us luck next week as we put on the Huntsville/Madison camp.


Tuscaloosa: June 11-15, 2018

Huntsville and Madison: July 17-20, 2018

Photos by: Sabina Vafina

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