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Olivia Carroll is a graduate of Bob Jones High School and will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall. She is a Harry Potter fanatic, lover of Edgar Allen Poe, and a believer that coffee and a good book can solve any problem. Olivia was a proud member of the Bob Jones theatre Advanced Production cast for three years. In this cast, she was in 7 shows including the competition shows The Standard Deviation, The Axeman's Requiem, and A Resonant Frequency. Her achievements include being part of the cast to win The SETC one act competition with The Standard Deviation, receiving a Judge's Choice award for small ensemble in The Axeman's Requiem, and being awarded as an All-Star Cast member for both The Axeman's Requiem and A Resonant Frequency. Her most recent show was To Kill a Mockingbird in which she played Mayella Ewell. She is looking forward to seeing how this camp will break people out of their shells and show them a glimpse of the world of the arts.

Theater Teacher

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