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After retiring from the defense industry where she was privileged to be a part of one of the first virtual reality war room labs, Sandy has spent the last 16 years supporting her husband and two amazing daughters in their many adventures.  She works tirelessly managing a chaotic schedule, making sure everyone is fed, dealing with countless costume changes and seeing every performance that her daughters are in.  In her limited free time, she keeps Alexi from going crazy by working behind the scenes to make Inspired Arts a reality.  She has become a huge advocate for the arts in education (which has been a huge adjustment for a very nerdy girl), seeing the incredible opportunities and advantages it has provided her girls as well as others.  The advantages reach much further than being able to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people…these are skills for everyday life—college and job interviews, public speaking, poise, confidence, and building a “family” around the best things in life.  She’s excited about watching a whole new generation learn to love the arts and themselves through the arts!  

Secretary and Treasurer, Board of Directors

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